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Which Board Should I Buy...

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Okay, I am a beginner and have researched the hell out of everything. From what I have seen I love never summer boards and lib tech boards but only have a budget of about 400 dollars for the board, bindings, and shoes. However, right now my concern is which board I should buy. I have been looking through a lot and have come up with this list...please please let me know your input. I am strongly leaning towards the sierra crew board because of the reviews. Apparently it was made by burton in burton's factory but I am sure the materials are not the same. I am 6'0 tall and 200 pounds and am well aware of the specifications I should be looking for. From this list, please tell me which board you think would work for me.

Sierra Reverse Crew Snowboard Men's Snowboard Reviews & Sale |

Sierra Crew Snowboard Men's Snowboard Reviews & Sale |

Lib Tech snowboard w/ Burton bindings

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If you guys have any input on what other boards I should be looking at, please let me know. Also let me know which one of these would be your favorite to get as a beginner. Thank!
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how big are your feet?

that used lib TRS would be pretty nice and is a great deal but if you have 11s or bigger yo will probably want a wide or midwide board
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