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Hi guys, been looking around and just joined up to this forum.

I'm an Aussie looking to head over to Whistler in October/November to work a season on the mountain. Currently, it looks like we'll have about 4-6 guys all going (some working, some maybe not). Because we have so many, I'd like to look into renting a house for the season rather than sharing. Problem is, I can't find much on the net at this time of the year (pique, craigslist have all summer rentals).

Does anyone know how realistic it would be to get a decent sized house for the group of us (all 25/26yo guys), and what sort of prices I'd be looking at. Don't mind a little bit of a walk but would prefer not to have to catch a bus every day, so looking for something fairly close to the village. We do like to drink and party so would love something where we won't wake up anyone else in a sharehouse.

Any ideas/tips/suggestions (about this or anything else!) would be appreciated.

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