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Who rides a Korua?

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Their yearning for turning series is so awesome. I love the simple white/red boards and their shapes.
You don't see much info or reviews on these boards, does anyone riding them have any opinions they'd like to share?
The boards that excite me most are the Pencil, Stealth, Tranny Finder and Cafe Racer.

If I managed to ruin my SPAM I imagine I'd be very interested in one of those.

Lets talk Karua!
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Escalator actually looks like one of the best splits to date. Just need a testride to be sure.
There ought to be someone having reviewed the Bullet Train besides the Good Ride...
Yeah, I just sat through the Good Ride review, they didn't exactly nail that one.
Seems like a step up from the Trenchdigger, wider and more stable, plus xc ski base.
Been looking at the Pathron Softcarver as a more easygoing alternative.
I didn’t think it was a particularly bad review but the board looked like it was a lot to handle by their riding, and while I don’t pretend to be a better rider it would be nice with more input on the board.

When I asked Korua about it they simply said it was a much more aggressive board than the other boards in their line.
It's just that those guys seem to have their mind set on a particular kind of board, which is kind of similar to what I like, and they go WAY more into detail on the boards they like, than the boards they can't really figure out. The whole thing was just about how they didn't like it. Just looking at the difference between the Korua guys and TheGoodride guys riding that thing, makes a valid point. I like riding the Korua boards in a certain way for a few laps, but then I go back to the boards I actually bought.
Wouldnt be worried about trenchdigger being a one trick pony, you'll get used to it. I have some similar long boards with full camber, and use them for all but really icy shit and park, ee 1300-1350 and 8,5-9 m sidecut. They make good powderboards too. Trenchdigger even has taper and noserocker. When you lean over more and put some weight into it, it flows well. The advice Korua gives about narrow stance and steeper angles (compared to duck/parkstance) does help with turning boards like this, and they give more control at speed (in smooth condition or soft snow), and the Korua touch in the nose helps get into turns. Could look at it as a hybrid, alot more fun than a camrock allmountain, but a little harder to ride in varied terrain. Wish more brands tried experimenting with more tailrocker or tail flex on mostly cambered boards, without making it a swallowtail. Korua has the turn part of it nailed with the progressive radius, and they do want the spring out of the tail, but sometimes I want that sturdy camber in the front, while being able to slash and absorb terrain with the tail, and that variation in profile would also give a progressive turn.
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Yeah, I've tried more Stranda boards than Korua, just haven't bought either yet. Hardly ride groomers, so maybe that's it, or just feel that I can't go all out and about on demos, so I don't get hooked on them.
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If you use a board that much, you will probably wear it out from other reasons too, just don't leave those black boards in the sun.
I think people forget that the scale goes:
Beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert, pro, godlike.
I dunno about expert and pro, it's more like addons. Pro means you get paid a salary by a company to ride their stuff. Expert doesn't feel general enough to me, it means you do at least one thing well, but can agree that you should be at least advanced in general to be called an expert at something.
I haven't ridden the new cartel X, but my understanding that Cartel became Cartel X and the new cartels are softer. Feel free to correct me if you have a different experience
The Cartel ltd was similar. Difference from cartel x to cartel is 15% fiberglass reinforcement in the baseplate, doubt it’s very noticable in stiffness, and the x has more padding.
Well they almost look the same, so grab it and hide one till you are sure.
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It’s not so much Korua, but the width and taper that makes it less enjoyable in some conditions. If you get a reasonable width it should be fine.
The Knwn looks more like Koruas plus models, so maybe a touch stiffer and thinner, they look narrower too. Korua has some sidecut variations at least, don’t know about the other. The more taper you have, in general, it might be harder or just unfamiliar to skid down the slope with the board at 90 degrees, because the nose hooks and wants to turn you around, and you have the switch thing. For carving they could end up feeling the same, but you get some help in the start of the turn with more taper, can be more laidback. Some make up for it by setting stance forward, but it also depends on where they set the stance in the first place.
i felt like i needed to open the stance a little on korua, like backfoot 3-6 degrees back
I was on Korua website and was looking at the Noserider. When I was looking at the explication video from Wolken about mounting bindings on the board, I had some concerns.
For a 1000$us board, is it me or the mounting bracket that you must force into the slider is kind of rubish for that tag price.
I had the feeling it made the board "cheap". Couldn't Korua asked Burton about their channel system and pay for the use of it?

And the fact that only 2 models from Flux were tested on the board got me thinking there as well.
Felt the board is still a concept but available now to buy with weird hardware and limited choice of bindings recommandation.
Feel like an unfinish product and nice concept, did Korua missed something there?

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The distance between channel holes on the flux discs are longer than other bindings, so more suited for the sliding stuff, and the sliders are made in that width. Flux just has a construction that works with it, unlike the ones with rubber pads that dont slide. Some older flux models work fine, like last years ds if you dont mount the rubber stuff, but flux put more rubber under a few models this year, so they dont slide as well anymore. The Burton channel has grooves, and the new channel is wider on Korua, including the notches to lock in stance. The board is solid, but haven’t tried the sliding yet, next year. The regular mounts don’t lock in as well, there can be some movement after a few sharp turns, but acceptable. Slider channel is def «early access», but I don’t mind. This stuff will never be for everyone.
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