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Who rides a Korua?

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Their yearning for turning series is so awesome. I love the simple white/red boards and their shapes.
You don't see much info or reviews on these boards, does anyone riding them have any opinions they'd like to share?
The boards that excite me most are the Pencil, Stealth, Tranny Finder and Cafe Racer.

If I managed to ruin my SPAM I imagine I'd be very interested in one of those.

Lets talk Karua!
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After a few more days on the Pencil Plus, I have to say I'm still pleased with it. It's lively and not very forgiving but so much fun to ride.

The Goodride complains that it's more of a "drivey s-turn" board, but I find that laying this sideways it just takes off across the piste like crazy.

Totally confused by the above. Isn't a board laid sideways ( presumably in a turn) that takes off on it's own (drivey) a "drivey s-turn" board? Not trying to be a dick, it just seems to me that the board is doing for you exactly what Goodride said it would do. Maybe we don't have the same understanding of "drivey"? I'm shopping like you and absolutely loved your thread where you almost settled on the Amplid, but then got the Pencil. I want to understand what you are saying about the Pencil now, but I don't get it.
forget those idiots from goodride, they don't know how to ride, just paraphrase manufacturers product descriptions. Look at those idiots on a serious carving board on a blue run, all skidded turns

Yep, skidding everywhere. I’ve got a major beef with manufacturers descriptions, especially how they claim “surfy” way too often. Do they even surf? I doubt it.

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Had to read that twice, then noticed "off-piste" and I think it clicked. My swallow got weird on me in an off-kilter slope with lots of underlying mounds and obstacles, some fresh heavier pow and old junk snow/ice mixed. The conditions and terrain limited my speed in a situation where I really needed speed to lighten up the board and unweight the tail. But the same board is excellent in resort chunder where speed comes easy.
It definitely feels like when you sink a little too much weight on the front foot while surfing: a little dip and then a sharp brake as the friction spikes. I was focusing on avoiding this, and I didn't have an issue on most areas, just those flatter areas with warmer snow in the afternoon really annoyed me. It was usually on traverses I could feel it grabbing, and exactly when I needed to keep my speed up the most. I guess in those moments it's easier to build the friction.

Good idea to take a look at the wax and structuring again.
I call that moment "tip-in". Every board has a different tip-in feel, some very abrupt. So I'd say it is the board, but also some of what you are feeling is working through that tip-in on an unfamiliar board. Does it happen more on toe or heel, or both? I ask because one time by mistake I set the front up favoring toe and the board wanted to brake and turn uphill.
For me (185 lbs 9,5 US Tactical) the CR 59 is a board I can push hard at carve but I can also slow down and carve between Jerries. I don’t need open groomers for it. Like a daily resort carver that I can ride 4 days 7 hours in a row.
Sounds perfect. How does the CR handle mixed crappy snow conditions? I know it handles it, but can you feel it handling it? Is it damp?
No, five is not OK. 6. Ok, maybe even 7. Or, buy a board for your wife every time you buy one, then the sky is the limit. "Incredible sale" helps build credibility.

Do you know snow science? It's complicated. Even if you don't you can pass it off like you do. You might get hurt if you ride the wrong board for the snow conditions. Think of the medical bills. Snowboards are a good investment ... for your health.
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Pocket Rocket 2.0?

Btw couldn’t agree more with Kimjon’s percentages talk. People just don’t know any better.
Looks super interesting! I'd have to try one before buying though, it looks similar to my old Arbor Terrapin and that board was a complete :poop: once you got out of the pow.
Doesn't it? Trying to wrap my mind around it. I consider the Terrapin very short for me at 145 cm. This thing is 129 cm and 33 waist. Like riding a coffee table I guess. Or maybe a skateboard. I find myself liking short stuff like this surfing pipe or in tight trees, and disliking short everywhere else.
The numbers say I need an Uberegg. Anyone tried it?
Interesting how much better you are on your heel than toe, you seem much more comfortable laying it back. I usually see the opposite on the mountain. Maybe from the high binding angles.
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