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Who rides a Korua?

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Their yearning for turning series is so awesome. I love the simple white/red boards and their shapes.
You don't see much info or reviews on these boards, does anyone riding them have any opinions they'd like to share?
The boards that excite me most are the Pencil, Stealth, Tranny Finder and Cafe Racer.

If I managed to ruin my SPAM I imagine I'd be very interested in one of those.

Lets talk Karua!
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Post an update of your experience with the 156 please. I’m also 145lbs of man steel ? and the Dart is on my radar.
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If you dont have massive feet i would go with 156.
Size 9 burton photons
160 versus 156 Dart.
After riding the 156 and seeing them side by side I'm glad I got the 156.
After spending more time on it any more thoughts?
At 85kg the 156 dart is more than enough board for me, I wonder what the specs are on the 164.
That’s why I think I’d be better off of the 152 considering I weigh 63kg...
I just found it very difficult to initiate a turn, I think the width combined with the stiffness is the main problem on hard snow and ice.
What size boots are you?
That’s why it I were to buy one it would be dedicated to soft groomers and powder days. Which fortunately in Utah is normally the two scenarios. When I lived in the north east I doubt a korua would get much proper use. Anyone know is they ever do demo days in the US?
Yeah I would think the 156 is a lot to throw back-and-forth with that size boot that’s why I’m leaning towards 152 if I get one
I'm a size 8.5 and on proper snow it's not a problem with the Pencil.
Gotcha good to know
I suppose the other question is (not necessarily limited to Korua, but any board where the base is perhaps not as fast as you might like), would having a stone grind/structure put into the base make it noticeably better?
Or maybe something like this? Phantom Permanent Waxless Glide
i really want a Dart....trying to justify it when i own an endeavor archetype, jones storm chaser and burton skeleton key though...
There's no "Dart" among those you listed....
There is my justification! :) Ok help me decide once and for all. 152 or 156 size for my hefty 140lbs. I am leaning 152...I sent my info to Korua and that's what they felt was best also.
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It haas the least amount of taper so I think it's also going to be the best on groomers...
Which plays into my justification for wanting it. My Storm Chaser will be for deep pow days. Archteype for leftover days and cruising with the kids. Dart will be for high speed groomer/carving days and maybe try it in the pow here and there. Then i still need a more traditional shaped board like a Capita Mercury or a Korua Otto...never ends.
Thanks @Yeahti87 for your insight. Dude, you have a lot of fast boards!

Sounds like my concerns about the Nows are really to do with how freestyle I want to ride. I have an Otto57 and am about to order a TF57 too. I love the Korua shaping and sidecut but I still want to get air and tweak it! The Pilots felt amazing for carving around at high speeds and for sure absorbed a lot of vibration but I felt a bit restricted when getting air or buttering. I also think that Korua boards work best when you can move your weight back and forwards to pressure different parts of the edge/sidecut through a turn or when slashing. I could do this a little with the Pilots but I was fighting them, particularly the front highback when trying to shift my weight towards the tail. At 24 degrees its just in the way if it cant be rotated. I honestly considered sawing off part of the highback to get it out of the way. Or drilling new holes to mount the highback to the frame in a way that give it rotation.

I set up the Otto with the Katanas and bounced around the carpet at home. Could definitely move around a lot more. The question is: will I miss the power transfer and comfort of the Pilots?? Why J.F. Pelchat did you come along with your brilliant idea and confuse me?

As far as the toe straps go, I gave up trying to find the right place on the boot for them to not slip and just use them over the top, old style. Feels great! Faster heelside response with less clicks, which makes sense if you think about the mechanics of lifting the front of you boot up with a straight strap vs an angled one going out from the mounting point out towards your toes .
How was the flex on the Otto? I’d like to get a board that I can mess around with a bit with some butters and jumps but wasn’t sure if that board may be too stiff.
Dancehaul FTMFW!!!
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Don’t feel like scrolling through this entire thread but does anyone have any experience with the tranny finder plus? I wonder how the 157 would be for me at 140 pounds

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