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Who rides a Korua?

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Their yearning for turning series is so awesome. I love the simple white/red boards and their shapes.
You don't see much info or reviews on these boards, does anyone riding them have any opinions they'd like to share?
The boards that excite me most are the Pencil, Stealth, Tranny Finder and Cafe Racer.

If I managed to ruin my SPAM I imagine I'd be very interested in one of those.

Lets talk Karua!
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forget those idiots from goodride, they don't know how to ride, just paraphrase manufacturers product descriptions. Look at those idiots on a serious carving board on a blue run, all skidded turns
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told nothing on the video, but read what they layed out in their website:

Carving: Really fun to lay out a surfy carve of any aggression level. one of this boards shining points and we never really felt the tail wash even though it’s tapered. We do put more weight on the tail with boards like this but still it felt pretty good in the tail. .

since when tapered snowboards wash out easier than not tapered? :D
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