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2006 Burton Supermodel 163
Base is still in great condition. Couple shallow digs from trees, but there are no problems waxing the board. Never needed any P-Tex repairs.

2006 Burton P1 bindings (large)
Still is great condition. Some minor surface marks on the padding at the top of the right binding (tried to grab it in the pictures).

Not really sure what to ask for the package.
I'm thinking $125 + shipping for the board and $100 + shipping for the bindings?
I've never sold a board before (liked holding on to them).
If the general consensus is that my prices are way out of whack, feel free to tell me and maybe I'll drop them.

Reason for sale: Bought a 2013 Custom X and new bindings. I don't get a lot of powder riding (which I love the Supermodel for) as I live on the east coast. Might as well let someone else enjoy it.

Link to pictures:
Snowboard - Minus

Couple attached here:

Thanks all-
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