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Yes Jackpot?

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Hello i'm 69kg so sth around 152lbs and 43 boot or US10.
I saw a yes jackpot 152 2013 in an auction and im really into it.
So i would like some information about the board. In reviews i read the best ( thegoodride, goodwood,youtube vid) except one review
( 2013 Yes Jackpot Used and Reviewed « ).
Do you think 152 will be ok for me? I want a board that is more catch free than my regular camber board so that i can start going more into the park but still being able to go around groomers with confidence and some edge hold and maybe if there is a little bit of powder (because of the rocker tip and tail).

I await your wisdom :bowdown:

ps. Im foreigner so if i have mistakes forgive me!
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for what you describe in terms of riding, it seems like that would be a pretty awesome board for you. YES makes good stuff, i would go for it!
my riding buddy has a jackpot and he seems to do fine on groomers and in pow (he doesnt hit the park). you might want to consider a larger size if you're expecting a lot of pow. i've only had a few runs on the Jackpot and it was fine for me on groomers.

i ride a rocker-camber-rocker board (Nidecker Megalight) and find that this board profile gives you good edge with the camber whilst giving you good float in pow due to the rockered tips.
did you pull the trigger? How does it handle in icy condition? Faster speed?
Didn't make it... I was looking for a bargain! Lost it, now found a scallywag 2011 155.
Maybe i ll take this one!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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