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currently riding the YES PYL on the east coast, been reading up a lot of reviews on Goldmember.
I wonder how Goldmember gonna ride comparing to PYL.
PYL is definitely a good board but I do find it on a softer side and kinda limited on steep terrain.
Or I could be just not good enough skills. Would it make sense to change for a Goldmember or any other recommendation?
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I own a PYL and a Flight Attendant. The FA is significantly heavier than the PYL. So far at least, I don't find it to be any better at edging. It might be slightly more stable at speed, but I wouldn't swear to it. I find the FA to be a little better at pushing through choppy snow, and the PYL to be a little more maneuverable.

FWIW, I'm west coast and I tend not to ride in icy conditions, so my experience may not translate to your locals.
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